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Sports Right is a company that came into being as a result of Fahd Shemaly’s passion for sports. It aims at satisfying the needs of all sports lovers with the diversified training activities it offers as well as the wide variety of products, sports apparel and equipment.

It all began when Fahd’s father started taking him to Taekwondo classes as a small boy. He was a very fast learner and advanced very quickly. Fahd realized that he really loves Taekwondo specifically and all sports in general. He decided to explore all kinds of sports and became a professional in many, such as Taekwondo, Skiing, Aerobics, Tennis, and Scuba Diving. Sports right provides lessons, training and courses in the above mentioned sports.

Fahd started Taekwondo lessons with the village instructor Anwar Nehme when he was 10 years old and continued to master the sport with Taekwondo Master Frederick Sarraf. As a black belt he participated in many Lebanese & International championships, and was a member of the demonstration team of Mont La Salle School in Ain Saadeh. By 1989, Fahd had reached a very high level, the 3rd degree. He kept training and became a referee in international championships. He started teaching 15 years ago and has a high level of experience with children of all ages.

Skiing is a big part of Fahd’s life. He became a professional skier by the age of 25 and started his teaching career. He is a member of the Lebanese Skiing Federation as well as the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance. Every year before the beginning of the season Fahd travels to Canada to find out all about the new techniques available. He teaches adults & children of all ages & especially the young kids starting at the age of four. Skiing is not only a winter sport with Fahd since he organizes Spring & Summer trips usually in April & August to the Alps.

Aerobics and Tennis are on all year round activity. Fahd has mastered all kinds of fitness exercises as well as personal training. He is in charge of the Sport & Fitness activities at Grand Hills Village in Brummana. He was a pioneer in introducing many fitness exercises in Lebanon such as: Taebo, Resist-A-Ball & Pilates. He obtained his degrees from France the states and Canada, which are as follows:

Scuba Diving is a joy to Fahd, the underwater world is simply amazing to him. He is an instructor with the Professional Association Diving Instructors (PADI), his teaching methods are very safe and he is well experienced due to

his many dives around the world, in Aqaba (Jordan), Sharam El-Sheikh & Dahab (Egypt), Catalina Island (California), Phuket Phi Phi Island (Thailand), Santorini (Greece) and of course all the diving sites in Lebanon. He also organizes diving trips, once or twice a year mainly to the Red Sea (Jordan and Egypt).

He obtained his degrees and certifications for the above-mentioned sports from Lebanon, France, USA, and Canada:

Certification from Can Fit Pro (Kick Box on the Ball)
with Instructor Ross O'Donnell Fitness Kick Boxing Canada.


Certification from Twist conditioning with Can Fit Pro
with Instructor Derek Della Rocca

Certification from LTF (Lebanese Taekwondo
  Federation ) Black belt Fourth degree in Lebanon.
Certification from FLT (Federation Libanaise du
Certification from ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski
  et d’Alpiniste), with instructor Frederic Chaubert
  in Chamonix, Les deux Alpes, Alpes d’Huez.
CSIA ( Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance)
  Certification at Mont Tremblant with instructor
  Jean Marcel Dumontier and Eve Payer.
Resist-A-Ball certification from Can-Fit-Pro
  (Canadian Fitness Professional association) with Mike
  Morris at Niagara Falls.
Pilates with Resist-A-Ball Certification from Can-
  Fit-Pro with Mike Morris, and Robert Seaggle at
  Eaton Center in Toronto, Canada.
NRG ( National Resistance Group) Personal
  Trainer Certification from ATP (American Training
  Professionals), OKLAHOMA, USA.
ATP Certification for Basic Cardio pump
  Kickboxing Instructor from OKLAHOMA, USA.
NFPA ( National Fitness Professionals Association)
  Certification, Aquatic Group Fitness Instructor
Certification with PADI (Professional Association
  for Diving Instructors)

Open water Scuba Diving instructor at Aqaba, Jordan with instructor Garry Cruea, PADI International.

Finally, Fahd’s passion for sports has made Sports Right a professional in the many activities it offers. The company’s objective is to provide the best services to its customers and aims higher by trying to improve all skills, methods & knowledge in any way possible.