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A unique experience thanks to the new lamp composition. Acoustic and thermal comfort and reduced time of tanning sessions by an exclusive solarium which offers the best in terms of performance. A 'tanning heart' beating in an exclusive-designed shell, granting the achievement of total customer satisfaction.

The mission is to tan. In complete safety and with the utmost comfort.
Sportarredo has spread the tanning concept throughout the world thanks to the high pressure technology. Sportarredo has always been an innovative company and has managed to maintain its international leardership thanks to the continuous pursuit for quality.
Whatever the case may be, the values of Sportarredo's solariums are:
Construction and Material Quality, Reliability, Safety,Image and Result.
Accurate electro-magnetic measuring systems make sure that the right amount of UVA and UVB rays are selected and reproduced thanks to the evolved filtering systems.

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